Chilliwack’s Tulips of the Valley Flower Festival in 2019

Chilliwack Tulip Festival 2019

Don’t miss Tulips of the Valley’s 13th annual Chilliwack Tulip Festival: opening late March or early April 2019!

They are excited to showcase over 25 acres of working tulip fields surrounded by beautiful mountain views and rustic farms. With over 30 different varieties, and extra wide beds of solid colour, there are many photo opportunities for every level of photographer. NEW at the festival last year were hyacinths and daffodils — we can’t wait to see what is new in 2019 – announcement coming soon!

New at Tulips of the Valley 2018

Kate Onos-Gilbert otherwise known as the “Tulip Lady” states “We are excited to be able to reopen our Tulip Festival in our new community of Chilliwack BC. The community has been so welcoming and supportive, making the move much easier. Opening our fields was a dream I had when I first joined the Onos Family, and the response from the public over the past 12 years has been amazing.”Our festival has more than just tulips, and will be fun for the whole family! We will have food trucks on site, including a special Dutch treat, Stroop Waffles. On weekdays, children can participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the fields, and weekends will have balloon art and face painting. There are many other fun surprises to discover on site! They’ve even created this handy bloom calendar to help visitors plan their trips!

Chilliwack Tulip Festival Bloom calendar

Visitors can take some of the tulip magic home with them from the Tulip Store, where we will be selling fresh cut flowers, potted plants, postcards and more!

  • See full hours of operation, including specialty rates here.
  • Buy your tickets online for a reduced rate, and at the gate.
  • Follow the tulip festival on: TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

And if you can’t make it this spring, save the date for late august and visit their Chilliwack Sunflower Festival! Read our recent blog post on tulips: Discover 2 of the 3 Canadian Tulip Festivals that are in British Columbia!You may also be interested in: The Butchart Gardens Named 2017 ‘World Tulip Garden’.


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